If we lose the time before us
The future will ignore us
We should use it, we could use it, yeah
Lessons in love

Ah, Level 42. They had some good songs.

I use that quote because that’s something I should keep in mind.

The caretaker thing is a sine wave that I’m doing my best to navigate.

Through this experience, I’ve learned a lot about who our real friends are, and who they aren’t. Sad to say I was dismayed by some people who simply weren’t who they professed to be.

Speaking of professing, I learned recently on Livejournal that some women really don’t like it when women express contentment with housewifery. My satisfaction and fulfillment was taken as me being condescending. Frustrating, but I finally walked away from the discussion.

I never thought as a kid that I’d end up where I am. I wanted to be the single career woman.
However, I wasn’t going to deny the fact that I’d fallen in love with my soul mate. I’m proud of the life we’ve built together over these past dozen years. Times haven’t been easy lately, but if I weigh everything, I’m still happy with my life.

I also understand why so many couples get divorced–they haven’t taken the time to understand their partner, and then life throws a monkey wrench into things, and they don’t know how to adapt properly.

Being a good spouse takes a lot of work. It requires you to get out of your own head and learn how someone else’s mind works. That’s an incredibly huge task, and it’s no wonder a lot of (government-sanctioned) marriages end in divorce.

Don’t marry someone unless you know they’ll really be there when times are tough, and that you’ve got what it takes to do the same thing back. Think about it–would you still want to stay married if your spouse got hit by a car on the way to the reception and will need a caregiver for your whole marriage? Would your intended spouse do the same for you?

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of a wedding. At first, I was looking forward to planning a wedding. Then I started to think about the complications having a wedding would bring up. Not to mention the fact that we really didn’t have the money to throw a wedding. When it was clear that I’d do most of the planning alone, I realized I wanted to be married more than I wanted a wedding. So, we eloped on our last full day of vacation in Maui.

I guess that’s enough rambling. I figured these thoughts were best written on this blog.