So, my experiment didn’t work out that great, but I learned a lot from it. So I suppose that’s something, right? 🙂

Been listening to a lot of self-improvement-type podcasts lately. Trying to fill my head with different perspectives so I can finish the changes I’ve been slowly making over the past two years or so.

Last summer, I made the bittersweet yet necessary decision to put an emotional distance between my Mom and I. It was largely to protect my self-esteem and my sanity, but it was also my way of accepting that she’s just not going to provide the emotional support I need because, frankly, I’m more intelligent than she is.

As a result of all that, I’m now finding myself a lot happier in my own skin and in the life I’ve chosen to live.

I’ve spent more time this month doing the “assistant” part of my job than I have in months. I love doing component upgrades on circuit boards as much as I love using my clothesline or cooking!

Being productive is starting to feel as comfortable as being depressed used to be. Woo hoo!