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Adventures in Recycling

Posted by on 19 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: green, recycle

Today, I spent a fair amount of time compacting all the bags of recycling that’s been piling up.  (I really dig my trash compactor!)

First batch was the stuff that goes in the “household recyclables” bin at the dump.   That stuff piles up fast, so it’s nice to have it all smushed down into one bag.  (Well, two if you count the bag of cardboard boxes I broke down yesterday.)  I have to go to the bigger grocery store tomorrow, so I’ll make a dump run as well.

 I compacted 4 bags worth of plastic bottles and aluminum cans down to 2.  I should be able to cash those in tomorrow, if I leave for the dojang early enough.  

Winter is approaching. . .

Posted by on 19 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: chores, cooking, family, laundry, weather, wifehood

Hard to believe it’s still Fall, ’cause it’s sure looking winterish.  

I stopped at the market on the way home from Tae Kwon Do class, hoping to find something inspiring for dinner. Thankfully, there were a couple of premade chickens available. I grabbed a loaf of French Bread, and headed to the discount shelf. Lo and behold, there were a couple cans of the Thai coconut ginger soup that my husband loves, sans the chicken. Score! 🙂 (We have to go about 30 miles in order to begin searching for a restaurant that has it!) I grabbed a few cans and figured I could add chicken to the soup. The soup was very spicy, but my husband enjoyed it.

No more laundry line use. Too cold for clothes to dry, and if I leave them out overnight, I end up with slightly frozen clothes.

We’ve had snow! Not too much, but enough to remind us just how pretty this place looks when it snows. 🙂 The ski resort’s getting the lion’s share of snow right now, but at least they put it to good use. 😉

While I get to spend a bunch of money on presents for myself, all my husband really wants is a special breakfast burrito for Christmas. I’d make those for him more often, but he doesn’t want me to go through the trouble it takes to make a huge burrito with bacon, eggs, cheese, hash browns, salsa, cilantro, and onions. I don’t mind, ’cause I love the smile I get when I hand it to him, and the very sincere thank-yous I get when I get the plate handed back to me, with instructions to wrap up the leftovers. 🙂

Apron Pics!

Posted by on 07 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: hobbies, sewing

Patchwork Apron, front

Patchwork Apron, Back

Apron done!

Posted by on 02 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: hobbies, sewing

I finished the apron.  Make a few minor goofs, but it’s a funky looking apron anyway!I think the patchwork apron idea is a good one.  I’m not using small squares anymore, unless I stitch ’em all together to make a sash or something.   (Even then, that would be a drag!) I still have a few other sewing projects I wanna do.  And then there’s Christmas to consider.  I’m not sure if I wanna do the present thing given current family stuff, but I do have Christmas themed material I can do quickie aprons or tote bags or stuff like that with.   

Ranting about abuse and double standards

Posted by on 02 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: family, wifehood

I read this, and it reminded me of some of the women in my family.   (This is not to say the men are perfect in my family… but I’m not ranting about them.)

It would seem like an unintended consequence of the feminist “women can have both a career and a family, and can even do it on her own ’cause we have special woman powers” rhetoric that was preached to Gen X heterosexual women is that it’s giving them a set of values that make them prone to emotionally abuse their husbands.  It’s part of that “I can change him into what I want him to be” school of thought amongst some women that causes lots of “nice guys” to fall for seemingly nice girls that end up sucking the life out of them.  

I understand I sound like a traitor to women by saying this, but it’s one of those unspoken double standards that kills otherwise great marriages left and right.  Women are taught how to guard themselves against emotional abuse, but what about men?  If a man has found a woman he thinks will love him as deeply as he loves her, what happens when the new relationship energy (NRE) wears off and suddenly they only get along if he agrees with her and allows her to make all the decisions?  When a man falls prey to these kinds of demands, people laugh it off as the guy being “pussywhipped.”  Yet if a man started to demand that much control over a woman, the “abusive” flag would be raised.  Why the double standard?

Another component of this theory is family dynamics.
Little girls who are used to getting their way grow up to be Princesses.  Often times they’re daughters of Queens, who usually come from families that have experienced multiple generations of male on female domestic violence.  Queens are determined not to fall in love with an abuser, so they choose a decent man to settle down with.At first, the Queen’s Husband’s personality is attractive to her.  Once NRE is gone, he’s expected to play the role of The Queen’s Husband.  His true feelings, dreams, and goals are only considered if they match up to her vision.   He’ll be expected to provide everything for her at her whim, regardless of his opinion.  If he fails, he’ll be berated for not being whatever ideal man she’s conjured up for herself, and she’ll demand that he conform to her vision of his role.  She may trivialize his objections, and find a way to place the blame on him.  For whatever reason, he tolerates it, and soon, Queen’s given birth to Princess, to mold in her image.
Queen may have broken the cycle of male on female abuse, but she’s started a new cycle of females who are emotionally abusive to their male partners.Sorry, but I don’t consider it progress to have the abuse victims now be male instead of female.

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