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Father Sun and Faire

Posted by on 03 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: chores, Faire, father sun, green, hobbies, laundry

I hung my dobok (TKD uniform) out on the line just before 1pm.
I flipped it around about 45 minutes ago, so the side that was still damp could get some sun.
It’s about 95% dry! 🙂

Got 1 of my 2 hats made for Faire. The only basket I have is fine, and the old cloth belt I’m using for a better handle is passable. My friends gave me a nice linen napkin to use to cover my basket, which I may end up embroidering at Faire. 🙂 And I dig my tankard with the Playboy logo on it. 🙂

Might as well post in March!

Posted by on 21 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: chores, family, father sun, laundry, sewing, tkd, wifehood

Let’s see. . . where do I begin?
Well, I’ve been a brown stripe belt in Tae Kwon Do for a week. Headmaster surprised me and skipped me two belts instead of one. Guess learning the 6th form paid off!

The very cool contract we had abruptly ended. Ex-client was an asshole all along, he just played the “Good Christian” act very well for many years. His stuff will get picked up next Tuesday. As a result, we’re doing eBay auctions again, and I get to go into Frugal Housewife Mode.

Taking sewing lessons from a professional costumer. Next week I get to learn how to hem jeans.

Got the flu early this month, and passed it onto my husband. Poor guy was sicker than I was. 🙁 We both seem to be on the mend.

I’m 33 now! Feels good but a little weird.

The clothesline is in use again. That’ll help keep the electric bill down to a reasonable level. (Whew!)

New Tools!

Posted by on 03 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: chores, laundry, wifehood

We got a brand-spankin’-new washer & dryer today! 🙂   I’ve done two loads of laundry, and so far so good!   

Winter is approaching. . .

Posted by on 19 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: chores, cooking, family, laundry, weather, wifehood

Hard to believe it’s still Fall, ’cause it’s sure looking winterish.  

I stopped at the market on the way home from Tae Kwon Do class, hoping to find something inspiring for dinner. Thankfully, there were a couple of premade chickens available. I grabbed a loaf of French Bread, and headed to the discount shelf. Lo and behold, there were a couple cans of the Thai coconut ginger soup that my husband loves, sans the chicken. Score! 🙂 (We have to go about 30 miles in order to begin searching for a restaurant that has it!) I grabbed a few cans and figured I could add chicken to the soup. The soup was very spicy, but my husband enjoyed it.

No more laundry line use. Too cold for clothes to dry, and if I leave them out overnight, I end up with slightly frozen clothes.

We’ve had snow! Not too much, but enough to remind us just how pretty this place looks when it snows. 🙂 The ski resort’s getting the lion’s share of snow right now, but at least they put it to good use. 😉

While I get to spend a bunch of money on presents for myself, all my husband really wants is a special breakfast burrito for Christmas. I’d make those for him more often, but he doesn’t want me to go through the trouble it takes to make a huge burrito with bacon, eggs, cheese, hash browns, salsa, cilantro, and onions. I don’t mind, ’cause I love the smile I get when I hand it to him, and the very sincere thank-yous I get when I get the plate handed back to me, with instructions to wrap up the leftovers. 🙂

Fall Update

Posted by on 28 Sep 2007 | Tagged as: chores, errands, laundry, nature, sewing

Okay, so I haven’t updated this blog in months. I think I have too many blogs, but each of them serves a purpose. 🙂

Laundry: Still able to use the clotheslines. My electricity bill’s been under $100/month for a few months! 🙂

Errands: I’m only doing major grocery shopping once a week now. I sometimes make quick runs during the week on my way home from my Tae Kwon Do class.

Ant Wars: They continue, but now the ants are tiny–more like what you’d see in the city as opposed to the huge ones we normally get here. They’re less annoying, but it’s still a bitch to wake up and see them attacking the cat food.

Sun Tea: I’m now making a big batch of “night time tea” every few days instead of making a new batch every day. Makes it easier.

Sewing: Haven’t done much lately, but I did sew a patch for the first time using my machine. Yay! 🙂

Recycling: Still separating trash. The trash compactor makes it very easy to compact the 3 separate strains of trash I have–regular, household recyclables, and recyclables I get money from.

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