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Lotsa things

Posted by on 29 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: chores, cleaning, crocheting, green, hobbies, recycle, sewing

Trying to balance cleaning and sewing this weekend.  

Got the dishes under control, and the Chez Feline is almost done. Still have to clear all my shit out of the living room, and I really don’t want to leave that for tomorrow. I won’t even consider cleaning my room until the rest of the house looks better, though I really do need to tidy up.

I made a couple cute bags today.  A couple were recycling old items–a skirt and a bag of pinto beans.  My husband commented that I’m getting better as a result of my lessons. 🙂  

Crocheted part of my Faire costume–1 of 2 hats that I’ll need. Might have a basket. I’m totally looking forward to this!! 🙂

Took a whole lot of recycling to the dump yesterday. If the cats were toilet trained, I’d probably be able to recycle a good 80% of what we use. 😉

Housewife Couture

Posted by on 07 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: chores, crocheting, hobbies, sewing

Two things I’ve started making for myself to make housework easier:

1. Aprons with a front pocket for my iPod. Some half, some full, some double-sided, all funky.

2. Crocheted head scarfs. So far I’ve made 3, and I’m looking through my yarn to see about making another one. I plan on wearing them outside of the house, so I’m picky about the colors I’m gonna use.

I’m going to try to take pics of these things–I’ll pick the best apron & scarf.